King Properties joins Juanito I. King Foundation for Coastal Cleanup and Mangrove Planting in Daanbantayan

The Juanito I. King Foundation has been actively involved in various charitable activities to help the community. One of their recent initiatives involved dental assistance, coastal clean-up, and mangrove planting in Barangay Talisay, Daanbantayan, Cebu. 

The Juanito I. King Foundation carried out this leading-edge project with the help of King Properties, Skygo, Kings Quality Foods, Set Forth Philippines, Nature’s Spring, Monde Nissin, Foot Roots, the Municipality of Daanbantayan and the local volunteers in the area.

The dental assistance program aimed to provide free dental services to the local community, particularly children, by emphasizing the importance of fluoride and proper tooth care. 

Apart from the dental assisting program, the volunteers also conducted a coastal clean-up campaign to help preserve the environment and promote cleanliness. The clean-up campaign aimed to collect and properly dispose of waste materials along the shoreline. 

Moreover, the volunteers planted mangroves in the area to help protect the coast and provide a habitat for marine life. Through these efforts, the volunteers hope to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and inspire others to take action to protect our environment. 

The Juanito I. King Foundation and its partners and volunteers believe these campaigns will positively impact the community and the environment. By providing dental assistance, conducting coastal clean-up campaigns, and planting mangroves, the foundation hopes to promote sustainable development and improve the quality of life for the people in Barangay Talisay, Daanbantayan, and also those reached by the organization. 

King Properties hosts the work immersion of SHS students from Sacred Heart School- Ateneo de Cebu 

15 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) strand Senior High School learners from Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu were delighted with the introduction of King Properties in-person work immersion. The two-week technical work immersion kicked off last April 17, 2023, and will culminate on May 2, 2023. 

After the restrictions eased and more schools reopened for limited in-person classes, academies encouraged more learners to accomplish technical work immersions to gain industry experience in their chosen specializations. King Properties’ officers and managers prepared lectures, workshops, and hands-on exercises relevant to the SHS learners’ track. The activities are tailored for the students to gain real-world work experience in the Real Estate industry. 

The activities involve helping the learners gain a better understanding of the different aspects of the Real Estate industry, especially in the Engineering and Technology departments. Several tours were arranged to take the students to property projects and work sites which greatly aided their immersion learning. 

The partnership between King Properties and Ateneo de Cebu aims to provide students with hands-on experience in the field of STEM, which will help them develop practical skills and knowledge that they can apply in their future careers as well as prepare them to reach their future goals, careers, and employment after completing their senior years.  

This initiative is part of King Properties’ non ending commitment to supporting education and promoting innovation in the Philippines. 

Revitalizing Mandaue: King Properties presents the first Home Office concept in Mandaue City

Cebu City has been established to be one of the fastest and most innovative metropolises outside Metro Manila. It is one of the top destinations for investments in IT, Real Estate, and BPO’s. 

Aside from the provincial capital, Mandaue City, a part of the booming tri-city in the Queen City of the South, is emerging as a key location for businesses. It is tagged to have good regard for governance, robust infrastructures, a developed workforce, a technologically advanced economy, and a premier tourist destination.  

With Mandaue’s impressive modernization and expansion, investors and business tycoons consider capitalizing in the area.  Indeed, Mandaue City is one of Cebu City’s biggest business districts, a place that boosts economic advancement and rich natural resources. Mandaue City’s strategic location creates sizeable access for more investments. 

The Highline, a 23-story development, is King Properties’ vertical project located in Bakilid, Mandaue. This unique home office development with studio, deluxe, and premiere units offer a limitless lifestyle fit for young urban professionals that are always on the go. 

A Small Office, Home Office is a business concept that will access more space efficiency as residential units can be turned into office spaces that are suitable for a client’s business needs. The Highline envisions a concept of an integrated township by putting together the home office concept, services, and amenities in one vertical project. 

Some of the amenities of The Highline include space for entertainment, relaxation, and comfort. On top of these top-notch features, The Highline incorporated green initiatives to help conserve the environment. It features exemplary use of land and ecology, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and waste management. 

Juanito I. King Foundation recognize people with Down Syndrome 

The Juanito I. King Foundation celebrated its annual Happy Walk at the Activity Center of SM City Cebu to raise awareness and promote the rehabilitation of people with Down Syndrome. The event was attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life, including family members, friends, and supporters of those with Down Syndrome. 

The event was sponsored by various groups and oranizations including the King Properties and Skygo. 

The aim was to create a fun-filled environment where everyone could celebrate the lives of those with Down Syndrome and learn more about the condition. It was also an opportunity for participants to show their support for those living with the condition and to help raise funds for continued research and treatment programs. The activities started with greetings from the BOD Chairman of DSAPI (Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc.) Cebu Chapter, Mrs. Heydee King. 

“This is a revenge celebration after 3 years that we have halted due to the pandemic so I’m very happy to see everyone celebrate this day with us”. – Heydee King. 

Resident host, Ms Weng Zosa Moncada with her co-host Ms. Yasmin Ngo entertained 495 participants of the Happy Walk Movement with Zumba sessions from Coach Paolo Tanggapan and a few dance presentations by students from the participating schools and universities. It was a fun-packed day where participants got the chance to be creative, build friendships, and create new memories during the celebration. 

The Happy Walk movement commits to bringing in inclusive communities for people with Down Syndrome to participate and be involved in educational experiences. It is the foundation’s continuous mission to bring greater visibility to these families and recognize the incredible work they do. 

The comeback of the event this year is surely a solid momentum to bring back annually for the years to come. 

King Properties joined with JIKFI Medical-Dental Mission in Asturias

Juanito King Foundation Inc. organized a medical and dental outreach at the Asturias Covered Court as part of the efforts in giving more people access to free healthcare assistance. 

The covered court, beside the Asturias Municipal Hall was attended with approximately 746 members from the different nearby Barangays. The community benefited from the Medical-Dental outreach program done by Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. in partnership with Southwestern University – College of Dentistry, Philippine Dental Association Inc., and Philippine American Medical Association of Georgia. 

The venue was quickly transformed into adult and pediatric “examination areas” – a place to collect vital signs, a well-stocked Pharmacy for distributing vitamins and medicines, and a small surgical area for dentists to operate basic prophylaxis, tooth extraction, and fluoride treatment. An area was also set up for patients who needed basic eye check-ups and free provisions of reading glasses. 

Teams of doctors, nurses, and medical volunteers had specific responsibilities and shortly after arriving, they were actively involved in screening and assisting the community members as they streamed in. 

“First and for all, we are very grateful when I found out that the medical-dental mission will be held here in Asturias because I know, not everyone in Asturias can afford medical attention. So it’s a huge help in our community,” said Mayor Dumdum. 

“The people of Asturias are already part of the Juanito I. King Foundation which donated significant financial support to help make this event successful” added Dr. Climaco of Southwestern University. 

Over a period of 6 hours, the team provided care for 253 medical patients, 247 dental patients, and 246 eye care patients virtually arriving on foot. Some of the members who were seen were mostly elders and have intentionally walked to get free medical assistance. Some just needed on-the-spot medical check-ups while others presented complex and challenging medical and dental issues. 

Juanito King Foundation Inc. with its partners is thankful for the support of the Asturias community and optimistic to provide support and carry out life-changing missions as well as to connect to more communities in the future. 

Check out a documentary video of the event here:

The Highline Opens Showroom at 1Nito Tower  

Over 100 sellers and broker partners celebrated with King Properties as The Highline successfully opened its showroom to the public on February 3, 2023.   

The recently occupied headquarters of King Properties at the 1 Nito tower has recently added a new addition to its amenities, The Showroom of its latest project..

The Highline is a 23-story SOHO residential and commercial building located in Mandaue City that was designed to fit the lifestyle and schedule of young urban professionals. It is also BERDE certified for reaching international standards for sustainable and eco-friendly features. 

 Ivy Delector, Sr. Sales Operations Manager said that King Properties’ The Highline is ready to take a big leap in the next quarter. Guests were greeted in the newly opened showroom at the basement level of 1Nito tower through unit floorplan tours and a small talk on the coming exciting sales events for the project. 

King Properties is steadily rising to create more sustainable homes for Filipinos in 2023 for 12 years and kindled to launching 4 more projects in 2023. 

1Nito Food Lounge bags Cebu’s Best Food Court

1Nito Tower’s basement food court has just garnered Sunstar’s Best of Cebu seal last January 29, 2023.

Pegged to be a hidden gem, the 1Nito Food Lounge houses various food kiosks with a plethora of cuisines around the world complimented with its inviting architecture and cozy ambience.

First catering to the building’s tenants on its first few months of opening, the food court expanded its opportunities by opening its doors to the public and quickly gained traction.

Today, the 1Nito Food Lounge continues to serve its customers from 10:00 AM until 11:00 PM every Monday to Sunday with various weekend entertainment from live bands, open mics and more.

ELEVATE 2023: A kick-off to better goals and strategies in 2023

King Properties reinvigorates its internal stakeholders by starting the new year with Elevate 2023 – an annual internal strategy rollout for the organization. Held at its newly fitted out headquarters at the 1Nito Tower located at Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City last January 26, 2023. 

Elevate- the internal strategy rollout for King Properties’ is the organization’s initiative to guide its employees upscale and develop their skills as well as streamline internal and external processes. Elevate aims to pilot everyone in the organization to leap through greatness.  

Following the success of last year’s Elevate, King Properties’ President, Jason King said that this year’s strategy will be focused on gaining a competitive advantage in innovation, quality, brand reputation, customer service, and team synergy. 

“Here at King Properties, we continue to perform, deliver, and excel. We have pioneered the concept of a home office in Cebu and successfully implemented this concept of home and living all at the same time. We also have the addition of a micro-township project in Modena Town Square that’s something we have envisioned and implemented, having an affordable option with retail spaces on the ground floor and amenities like no other. We are known for value-for-money products that we deliver “said King Properties CEO and President, Jason King. 

King Properties has long pioneered the home office concept and in fact, successfully introduced the home and work-living setup in Cebu enabling even more sustainable, future-ready, and innovation-forward experiences for home and office seekers. 

“We have to continue and do the extra mile and provide that extra effort to deliver quality and value for money products”. He added. 

King Properties have held steadfastly to its promise of introducing modern living to Filipinos for the past 12 years. The organization has continued to broaden its impact, generating robust, vibrant, and comprehensive neighborhoods throughout the Philippines. Founded on a legacy of service to business and society, King Properties looks to continue developing exceptional homes for many years to come.