King Properties joined with JIKFI Medical-Dental Mission in Asturias

Juanito King Foundation Inc. organized a medical and dental outreach at the Asturias Covered Court as part of the efforts in giving more people access to free healthcare assistance. 

The covered court, beside the Asturias Municipal Hall was attended with approximately 746 members from the different nearby Barangays. The community benefited from the Medical-Dental outreach program done by Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. in partnership with Southwestern University – College of Dentistry, Philippine Dental Association Inc., and Philippine American Medical Association of Georgia. 

The venue was quickly transformed into adult and pediatric “examination areas” – a place to collect vital signs, a well-stocked Pharmacy for distributing vitamins and medicines, and a small surgical area for dentists to operate basic prophylaxis, tooth extraction, and fluoride treatment. An area was also set up for patients who needed basic eye check-ups and free provisions of reading glasses. 

Teams of doctors, nurses, and medical volunteers had specific responsibilities and shortly after arriving, they were actively involved in screening and assisting the community members as they streamed in. 

“First and for all, we are very grateful when I found out that the medical-dental mission will be held here in Asturias because I know, not everyone in Asturias can afford medical attention. So it’s a huge help in our community,” said Mayor Dumdum. 

“The people of Asturias are already part of the Juanito I. King Foundation which donated significant financial support to help make this event successful” added Dr. Climaco of Southwestern University. 

Over a period of 6 hours, the team provided care for 253 medical patients, 247 dental patients, and 246 eye care patients virtually arriving on foot. Some of the members who were seen were mostly elders and have intentionally walked to get free medical assistance. Some just needed on-the-spot medical check-ups while others presented complex and challenging medical and dental issues. 

Juanito King Foundation Inc. with its partners is thankful for the support of the Asturias community and optimistic to provide support and carry out life-changing missions as well as to connect to more communities in the future. 

Check out a documentary video of the event here:

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