Revitalizing Mandaue: King Properties presents the first Home Office concept in Mandaue City

Cebu City has been established to be one of the fastest and most innovative metropolises outside Metro Manila. It is one of the top destinations for investments in IT, Real Estate, and BPO’s. 

Aside from the provincial capital, Mandaue City, a part of the booming tri-city in the Queen City of the South, is emerging as a key location for businesses. It is tagged to have good regard for governance, robust infrastructures, a developed workforce, a technologically advanced economy, and a premier tourist destination.  

With Mandaue’s impressive modernization and expansion, investors and business tycoons consider capitalizing in the area.  Indeed, Mandaue City is one of Cebu City’s biggest business districts, a place that boosts economic advancement and rich natural resources. Mandaue City’s strategic location creates sizeable access for more investments. 

The Highline, a 23-story development, is King Properties’ vertical project located in Bakilid, Mandaue. This unique home office development with studio, deluxe, and premiere units offer a limitless lifestyle fit for young urban professionals that are always on the go. 

A Small Office, Home Office is a business concept that will access more space efficiency as residential units can be turned into office spaces that are suitable for a client’s business needs. The Highline envisions a concept of an integrated township by putting together the home office concept, services, and amenities in one vertical project. 

Some of the amenities of The Highline include space for entertainment, relaxation, and comfort. On top of these top-notch features, The Highline incorporated green initiatives to help conserve the environment. It features exemplary use of land and ecology, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and waste management. 

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