ELEVATE 2023: A kick-off to better goals and strategies in 2023

King Properties reinvigorates its internal stakeholders by starting the new year with Elevate 2023 – an annual internal strategy rollout for the organization. Held at its newly fitted out headquarters at the 1Nito Tower located at Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City last January 26, 2023. 

Elevate- the internal strategy rollout for King Properties’ is the organization’s initiative to guide its employees upscale and develop their skills as well as streamline internal and external processes. Elevate aims to pilot everyone in the organization to leap through greatness.  

Following the success of last year’s Elevate, King Properties’ President, Jason King said that this year’s strategy will be focused on gaining a competitive advantage in innovation, quality, brand reputation, customer service, and team synergy. 

“Here at King Properties, we continue to perform, deliver, and excel. We have pioneered the concept of a home office in Cebu and successfully implemented this concept of home and living all at the same time. We also have the addition of a micro-township project in Modena Town Square that’s something we have envisioned and implemented, having an affordable option with retail spaces on the ground floor and amenities like no other. We are known for value-for-money products that we deliver “said King Properties CEO and President, Jason King. 

King Properties has long pioneered the home office concept and in fact, successfully introduced the home and work-living setup in Cebu enabling even more sustainable, future-ready, and innovation-forward experiences for home and office seekers. 

“We have to continue and do the extra mile and provide that extra effort to deliver quality and value for money products”. He added. 

King Properties have held steadfastly to its promise of introducing modern living to Filipinos for the past 12 years. The organization has continued to broaden its impact, generating robust, vibrant, and comprehensive neighborhoods throughout the Philippines. Founded on a legacy of service to business and society, King Properties looks to continue developing exceptional homes for many years to come. 

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