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Within contemporary Asian neighborhoods in Mactan, Minglanilla, and Consolacion , experience a place where classic meets modern; where calm meets life’s momentum. At Modena, discover new dreams and new joys in neighborhoods that offer you a lifetime of possibilities.

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  • Adagio


    Lot Area: 100-116 sqm
    Floor Area: 84 sqm

    2 Storey Single Attached, 4 Bedrooms, 2 T&B. Inside Modena, Adagio emits an almost masculine quality: silent and strong. In subdued hues and understated exterior, Adagio's relaxing vibe will not only be a comfort to its dwellers but also to guests and visitors.

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  • Adora


    Lot Area: 60-81 sqm
    Floor Area: 85 sqm

    2 Storey Townhouse, 3 Bedrooms, 2 T&B. A Townhouse superior in design and structure, Adora is a practical home for any family. Make your memories inside Adora; truly its dwellers will feel loved within its ample and airy space

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  • Adrina


    Lot Area: 90 sqm
    Floor Area: 84 sqm

    2 Storey Single Attached, 4 Bedrooms, 2 T&B. With its classic design and earth-inspired tones, Adrina exudes allure and elegance. It is a fusion of contemporary and traditional elements. You will find that being happy comes naturally in Adrina.

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  • Callisto


    Lot Area: 80-90 sqm
    Floor Area: 79 sqm

    2 Storey Duplex, 3 Bedrooms, 2 T&B. Behold Callisto, a modern-day masterpiece. Imagine this beautiful house, with its carefully designed exterior, surrounded by lush landscaping, all inside a subdivision that reflects what your heart desires. Callisto is the home that balances all.

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  • Elysia


    Lot Area: 120 sqm
    Floor Area: 112 sqm

    2 Storey Single Detached, 4 Bedrooms, 2 T&B. Feel the tingle of the lush garden beneath your feet, or step out to your spacious balcony and feel the embrace of the cool night air. Majestic, expansive and luxurious, Elysia offers you the elements of a truly blessed life.

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